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The concierge and the high tec

It is a quiet afternoon. The gentlemen sitting on table one are waiting for the heavy snowfall to calm down. A quick picture snapped by the Concierge shows how the first snowflakes drop, as they quickly grow larger and larger. On another table, a mother sips her Cappuccino. She and her children arrived with their sleds. The children are warming themselves with hot chocolate, as they eat a Bauerntoast with ham and cheese to regain their strength.

The snow keeps on falling.

This weather only means one thing for the Concierge. Back pain, from lots and lots of snow shoveling. Unfortunately there is no one around to whom he could designate this task. An annoying task sure, but still, an important one. No one is breaking a leg on his watch.

While thinking about the upcoming task, the Concierge faintly remembers a conversation with a friend and guest last summer. While drinking a beer in the hot of summer they somehow came to talk about winter, maybe they thought it would distract them from the heat, maybe the topic made perfect sense in the context of their conversation. The Concierge could no longer remember.
However, what he did remember, between the beer and the heat of a summer long gone, was a boast – or maybe an offer? It probably was both. His friend had told him: “Snow shoveling is quite the easy task, as long as you have the will and the know-how.” - obviously implying he was the one with both. He continued by saying: “even your parking lot would be a walk in the park – in fact, let me prove it to you if it happens to snow this year.”

The Concierge’s friend liked to talk a big game. The Concierge was eager to find out if any of it was true, in the best case scenario – it wasn’t his own back on the line.

A call later, dim lights were seen on the street. Cars were few in this weather except for the snowplows keeping the streets a tolerable, albeit not a pleasant experience to drive on.

A tractor pulls into the driveway. The Concierge’s friend and client Sebastian Stocker proudly shows of this Fendt Vario V211, a brand-new model, as he explains, with snow chains by König and the plow itself fabricated by a friend of his, Aldo Annovi from Modena.

Sebastian is the owner of a company specialized in the design and production of innovative agricultural machinery. The Concierge should have realized Sebastian wasn’t about to shovel the whole parking lot by hand.

Sebastian clears the parking lot in no time. The resulting hill is named Mount Sparerhof. If it keeps on snowing like this, eventually you’d be able to ski on it.

Ok, Sebastian, how can we thank you? All Sebastian asks for is a hot Gerstensuppe and a piece of fresh bread, right out of the oven.

Sebstian can’t stay for dessert though. He and his plow are needed in Bolzano. Apparently he made the same offer to multiple people.

They say it is supposed to keep on snowing for the entire weekend. The Concierge is sure that even then, Sebastian is going to honor his word. In the mean time, he can think about what specialty to serve him as thanks.

Stay tuned!!!

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