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gone with the wind

Last week the visit to the Rauch hut was scheduled. But the storm of snow, wind and rain advised the concierge not to take off his slippers and he therefore strictly remained at home in front of the nice and warm stove.
But today, with a serene and clear sky and a breathtaking view, our concierge decides to head towards Alpe di Siusi: the largest plateau in Europe just a couple of minutes by car (about 40) from Vilpiano.
The Dolomite region Alpe di Siusi is just a few minutes' drive from Bolzano. 300 days of sunshine a year, a mild climate and different altitudes make the Dolomite region Alpe di Siusi unique.
Once we got to the top with the gondola lift, the concierge again had the option of moving with the carriage drawn by galloping horses through the UNESCO World Heritage Site. But no!! Walking is good and then in this setting of the majestic Dolomites.....we don't have many excuses.
After an easy walk you reach the Rauch hut. A retreat on 1850 meters above sea level run by Helga, Andreas and their daughter Maria. Here, the passion for cooking and wine can be seen and above all tasted! For lunch we opted for a menu composed as follows: burrata with dried tomatoes in oil and focaccia, pappardella with venison, polenta gnocchi and local beef fillet with vegetables. All rigorously homemade and with regional products and top notch materials. The concierge after a glass of white wine also allowed himself a glass of red wine! Piedmontese!!! I hope all zero kilometer lovers can forgive it.... in any case it was absolutely worth it!!!
The return to the cable car was also possible by public transport, a very welcome thing in our land. But the concierge again decided to train his legs. But he hadn't counted on the wind!!
How will he get back to the hotel?
Stay tuned!!!!

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